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Halloumi Cheese Production Line
Kashkaval, Feta, Production Line
Ayran Process Tank
Butter Production Machines
Cheese Production lİne
Pasteurized Milk Line
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Open up to the world with TurkishExporter.Net! started its journey for “more export”, “more production and employment” principle and have been a solution partner of small and medium sized enterprises for their growth in foreign markets and finding new markets. It shares its foreign political, cultural and economic experiences with Turkish exporters. It has contributed to export operations of thousands of leading companies. It has brought manufacturers and those intending to export with leading worldwide companies. With its customer oriented services continues to be fellow of Turkish business people.

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As a leading pioneer of equipment manufacturing, provision and turn-key solution delivery in food industry, especially for milk and dairy products processing organizations GIDAMAKSAN provides you the ideal solution with its wide product portfolio. We manufacture, install and create different solutions for a wide range of industries; including but not limited to milk collection and cooling lines; milk acquisition and pasteurization lines; pasteurized drinking milk lines; yoghurt, buttermilk and kephir lines, production lines for many types of cheese such as white cheese, curd cheese, kashkaval cheese, gouda, mozarella, cheddar, halloumi and cream cheese, fruit juice, jam, marmalade and molasses production lines, ice cream and milky dessert production lines as well as special equipment lines for facilities that produce beverages, sodas, chocolate, margarine or tomato paste. We design the high quality products to be your future’s reliable address.



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